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I am a High Priestess Oracle of Love and Transformation and a Metaphysical Teacher of Oneness. Additionally, I serve as a Spiritual Practitioner, Life Coach, Minister, and Community Leader.

With over three decades of experience, I have been a steadfast support for countless women in their journeys to discover meditation, connect with the oneness of Spirit, undergo spiritual healing, and reclaim their authentic selves. My work is dedicated to promoting inner peace, love, and unity with the Spirit through a wide array of spiritual modalities. These include Oracle readings, the use of crystals, sound healing, sacred essential oils, meditation practices, and divinations through sacred ceremonies that empower individuals to innerstand the creative process.

My mission revolves around prayer, teaching meditation, facilitating self-healing, nurturing self-love, promoting self-awareness, and guiding individuals in remembering their own unique truths. Ultimately, I am here to assist you in connecting with your inner essence and the profound spiritual journey that lies within.

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